How To Choose Between Knobs And Pulls For Drawers?

If you are currently installing a drawer or a cabinet in your house then one of the last steps that you need to take is to decide which kind of a handle you are going to incorporate in such items. There are two common types of cabinet or drawer handles that are installed in such items and these items compromise of either pulls or knobs. While there are a few design options in cabinets and drawers that are completely handle-less but knobs or pulls are still popularly incorporated in such products. If you are unsure which sort of handle you need to incorporate in your newly built drawer or cabinet then you have come to the right place. We at have managed to gather a host of important advantages of incorporating either pulls or knobs in your cabinet or drawers and we hope that this article will help you in deciding which feature to add.  

When it comes to knobs, such additions are designed to be placed at a center point of the cabinet or drawer that allows users to easily and conveniently work with the product that incorporates such a feature. Knobs are commonly found in kitchen cabinets that need to have an effective entry point for items that need to be conveniently stored away in an orderly manner. Cabinet or drawer knobs might be small in size but such an addition is still enough to provide an elegant touch to whichever product they are incorporated in. If you are looking to give the interior of your house that special touch then you have to pay special attention to the handles on your cabinets and drawer knobs in Australia and this where fancy knobs come into play. When selecting the perfect cabinet or drawer knob, there is a variety of option to go through and this is what has made such an addition so popular in the market. Furthermore, knobs are designed to be easily installed in any cabinet and drawer and they can be easily be incorporated by anyone. All you have to do is place the knob at the correct place and tighten in the screw involved.  

Similar to knobs, pulls designed for cabinets and drawers are also designed to be placed in the middle of their intended target but such additions take a larger space to fit as opposed to the small region that the former has to work with. If you wish to give your cabinets and drawers a more modern look and feel then you could really benefit by incorporating a pull as this is what the latest items come pre-installed with. Moreover, pulls are just as easy to install when compared with a knob as you simply have to place such in their intended destination and install the screws involved. Hence, it all depends which look you are looking to install in your house!  

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